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Night Office

Beyond the Walls of Sanity

Beyond the Walls of Sanity

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The Night Office never sleeps. For more than a hundred and fifty years, the Night Office has worked in the shadows, keeping all manners of tentacled beasties, gibbering madnesses, and slavering six-eyed goats from devouring you, your neighbor, and your neighbor's dog. And now, the Night Office needs you.

This Advanced Psychological Strategies assessment is meant for field operatives who have just returned from a mission. It will validate your mental integrity, verifying that you have not been breached by space jellies or other malignant entities. Successful completion of an APS assessment will demonstrate a field operative’s readiness to continue the perpetual battle against the Great Old Ones.

• How to construct a therapeutic personality which can verify your mental integrity.
• How to navigate the Dark Labyrinth.
• How to acknowledge lingering psychic trauma that has prevented you from making friends.
• How to convincingly lie to yourself.

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