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Finish Your Novel!

Finish Your Novel!

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* What's the most annoying thing about writing a novel? They don't write themselves.

* What's the second most annoying thing about writing a novel? No, really, they don't write themselves.

* What the hardest thing about writing a novel? Actually turning your sexy outline into a real book. With words, and stuff.

Sure, you've got a really awesome outline, a notebook full of character sketches, and your work space is overflowing with "research" materials, but that blank page is still staring at you. Getting ready to write a book is one thing, but actually putting all the words down on the page—in the right order, more or less—can be even harder than coming up with a clever idea or two. Especially when you might have a full-time job already or a family that wants to see you at least once a month or more. How do these writers do it? How do they find the time and the persistence to actually finish a book?

Finish Your Novel! is the guidebook for getting all that work done. Here are tips to get from Plot Point A to B to R without getting too distracted along the way, as well as methods to find a rhythm and make it yours. Plus charts and boxes and stuff that will round out a full call to action. A call that will help you finish that novel!

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