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Night Office

In the Mansion of Madness

In the Mansion of Madness

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For more than a hundred and fifty years, the Night Office has been in your neighborhood. When someone on your street mysteriously vanishes, it is because the Night Office shoved them in a van in the dead of night. When stray dogs go feral, it is the Night Office that gets bitten so your children stay safe. When cats make strange noises at night, it is because the Night Office is standing on their tails.

This Psychological Assessment Exercise puts you on a Night Office field operation team. You are the Closer. It is your job to close all doors, gates, portals, jars, chests, and any other object that might contain a space jelly. Failure to close things properly means people will die. Do you have what it takes to keep humanity safe?

• How to work with a team.
• Or, at the very least, how to suffer the idiots you are forced to work with.
• How to identify space jellies.
• How to navigate the awkward pauses of a failed relationship when you and your ex have to work together to save humanity.
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