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The Right Kind of Sinner

The Right Kind of Sinner

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A novel by Harry Bryant

Once upon a time, Robert “Butch” Bliss paid his debt to society, and now he's not looking for any trouble. But it finds him anyway. It starts with a trip across the border with a handful of co-eds and a large python in a sack. Soon, he's got mysterious government agencies, conspiracy theorists, drug smugglers, high-price lawyers, and a seriously yappy dog on his tail. Oh, and one of the co-eds is trying to blackmail him, but she's not very good at it . . .

Filled with unforgettable characters, crackling dialogue, and the sort of twists and turns that make you wish you'd worn a helmet, Snake Road is the latest in the Butch Bliss series of comedic crime novels by Harry Bryant.


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