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Scrounging & Snouting

Scrounging & Snouting

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A solo journaling RPG chapbook by Mark Teppo

Scrounging & Snouting is the story of a badger—not a very big one, but not a very small one either—who must venture into the forest to scrounge. When all the scrounging is done (along with all the snouting and adventuring and avoiding ferals, of course), you may return to the Green and visit Raccoon's Scrap Shop where you may undertake the even grander adventure that is Making. Which is to say: can you assemble something good from all this scrounge or do you just sell all the scrap for some shiny so that you can get pastries at Tartoof's Bakery? The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

This solo journaling RPG uses the Hints & Hijinks System by Pandion Games.  You'll need some paper, some dice (one of each, perhaps), a lucky coin, and a deck of cards. Through the course of the game, you'll be exploring the forest, making notes about the strange places you go and the odd things you find. 

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