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Night Office



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The Sightings, Inquiries & Grievous Immolations Log book assists field operatives in the identifcation and classification of alien lifeforms, space jellies, tentacled monstrosities, and other creatures of non-terrestrial origin. It is also used to ennumerate successful banishment, exorcism, removal, utter annihilation, and other Night Office-sanctioned methods of dealing with incursions by various entities and emanations.

Ennumerations within this log book should be noted on a field operative’s HAND—OAR—12/r (Operation Assessment & Review) form, which is submitted in an expedient fashion following the completion of a field operation. Scores are added to a field operative’s Life Integrity Experience Schematic on an annual basis.

Keep your SIGIL book up to date. Your year-end bonus depends on it.

* PALM—66/d *

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