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The Cold Empty

The Cold Empty

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It’s been almost a hundred years since the first occult expedition to Antarctica. Others followed, and many of them did not make it back. Recently, a privately-owned research station has gone dark, and strange signals are being broadcast from the desolate Antarctic Plateau.

For this Advanced Psychological Strategies assessment, you will take on the role of a Closer, part of the second team which has been sent to investigate mysterious transmissions coming from MacReady Station. Once your team lands, you will be cut off from all external resources. You will only have your wits, your coat of many pockets, and your Personal Therapeutic Construct. Will they be enough for you to survive the Cold Empty?

• Self-reliance, aka “Are you sure you haven’t lost your mind?”
• How to deal to with trans-dimensional entities that require an unwitting human subject to create a link between realms.
• How to overcome crushing isolation and utter despair.
• How to discern what is real from what is intruding from another dimension.
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