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Night Office

The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop

The Doom That Came to the Coffee Shop

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For more than a hundred and fifty years, the Night Office has stayed up late, fighting off all sorts of whistling horrors, shrieking monstrosities, and drooling frog monsters. One of the secrets to their success is lots and lots of coffee.

This Education Assessment Exercise is meant to introduce you to the perils of working for the Night Office. Instead of throwing you into the field, where all kinds of terrible things could happen to you, the Night Office wants to know if you can manage to order a cup of coffee.

Naturally, tentacled face-suckers from another dimension are always lurking nearby, waiting for their chance. Can you survive a seemingly ordinary visit to the coffee shop?

• How to quickly assess a group of people, and discern credible threats.
• How to deal with aggressive personalities who might interfere with a Night Office field operation.
• How to think outside the realms of possibility.
• How to decisively order coffee.
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