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Saints of Lost Causes

Saints of Lost Causes

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A collection by Harry Bryant

In trouble? Turned away by the police? Got a problem that won’t go away? What you need is a private investigator. Someone willing to take up your cause. To fight for what is right. Hire a specialist. Someone like:

• The Discrete Detective. No names. Cash up-front. He won’t ask the wrong questions, and he always gets the right results.

• Are the neighbors throwing bear scat into your yard? Have developers cheated you out of your property? Harassed by unsavory elements who are ruining the idyllic landscape of Evergreen? Call Blake Isaacs of Black Eye Investigations, and have your peace of mind—and paradise—restored.

• Barton Trout used to be a hitter for the syndicate in the city. But that’s all behind him now. The Feds set him up with a new life and one rule: stay out of trouble. But trouble has a way of finding Barton Trout . . .

• Hecate Hemlock is a weapon. As a child, she trained in a secret government facility. Now, she lives in Los Angeles, where she wants to be like other women. Except Hecate kills people when she gets bored . . .

• Robert “Butch” Bliss had a promising career in the adult filmed entertainment industry. Then, a truckload of cocaine sent him to jail. Ten years later, he’s a free man, living in Hollywood, where nothing is as it seems and everyone is working an angle. Sometimes, the solution to your problem is a hard man.

Five original short stories.
Five unforgettable characters.
One fantastic collection.

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