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Night Office

The Serpent's Path

The Serpent's Path

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The Serpent's Path is a variant solitaire game played with a standard deck of fifty-two cards. Practice building and collapsing an ever-changing "serpent" as you attempt to utilize every card in the deck. 

A training technique for Night Office field operatives who have demonstrated sensitivity to the magico-temporal vibrations of the space-time continuum, The Serpent's Path is a working for Night Office Guide to practice attunement to and anticipation of the random perturbations and excitations of the Way without exposing their psyche to extraneous compression, eradication, time-shifting, or dimensional tessellation.

This solitary manipulative exercise is only intended for active Night Office field operatives who have received a Wyxstyx-Charbellion Index score of at least 23 from Labyrinthian Observation & Byzantine Elucidation within the last eighteen months (a “Neophyte” rating or higher).

* ARM — MAE — 031/a *

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